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When you read that ad, "Alto saxophone for sale", you’d better beware. Unless you are pretty well versed in saxophones, you’re probably better off buying a new sax. There are many things that can be wrong with a used saxophone. Some of those are the key pads needing to be replaced, the cork at the neck being worn, and a need for general lubrication. There is nothing magical about an old sax that is going to make it a better instrument than a new one.

In addition to the basic wearing out of soft parts, there are many little rods and levers on that saxophone that you are interested in. Any of these could be damaged and unless you know what you were looking for, you might have a hefty repair bill ahead. Old horns sometimes have dents and dings that are so pronounced that they actually affect the sound of the instrument.

If you’ve decided to look for a used alto sax for sale at a music store, you can probably find one that has been reconditioned. If this is the case, you might be getting a pretty good deal, but you should probably not expect a reconditioned used sax to sound quite as good as a new one.

Remember, too, that when a person trades in a used alto saxophone, it is probably because they are upgrading to a better model. A trade-in is quite likely to be a student quality instrument to start with and probably won’t give you the best sound. And if you’re not pleased with what you get, the next window with an “Alto Saxophone for Sale” sign in it might just be your own!

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