Alto Saxophone Case - factors to consider before buying

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The alto saxophone’s musical power is somewhat ironical, since it is a fragile instrument that requires a lot of protection and caring. If you don’t protect your sax, you will have the unpleasant surprise of finding out that dust, humidity and other external factors had a degrading effect on the structure of the sax. Keys sticking, lacquer wearing off and malformed acoustics are just a few of the effects of leaving your alto sax unprotected. And since you spent over $500 or so for it, you might as well invest a few more bucks in its protection, getting a case.

Alto saxophone cases come in various sizes, shapes and from various brands. Most of them are built to suit general sax models, but you will also find cases that are specifically designed for a particular model. Besides offering an easier way of transporting your instrument, the case protects your sax from the various external factors that could ruin it.

Saxophone cases are built with shock resistance in mind. Even a small bump can dish out a lot of damage, so shock resistance is primordial when it comes to protecting your sax. Another important aspect you should look for when buying a new case is if it is waterproof or not. If it’s not, don’t even consider it. Imagine yourself running in the rain, from the car to where your band will be playing shortly, only to unpack your saxophone case and find out you will have to perform with a horn full of rainwater. Let’s just say your performance won’t be the best…

an alto saxophone case

The case you buy will also have to be comfortable enough to handle for any amount of time. The handle should be soft enough to allow you to carry it without getting palm soreness and its design, although curved to fit your saxophone, should not exaggerate with this feature, or you will have a hard time carrying it (the concave side will throw your hand off balance when carrying the case). You can buy an alto saxophone case here.

To conclude, it’s better off if you don’t rush into the first store and buy the first alto saxophone case that catches your eye. Take note of all the above-mentioned factors and also get a little research done on the main case manufacturers out there and how people rate them. Check the price tag last, since you shouldn’t make any expense in getting the best protection for your saxophone. 

an alto saxophone case

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