Alto player learning bari as a secondary instrument

by Chris

I am a high school freshman, and I have been playing alto sax since I was nine years old. I am the only freshman sax player who was accepted into my schools highly rated symphonic band. During the second week, when it came time to select a bari player for this season, none of the other sax players wanted to do it. Me, being the freshman, was selected by the director to do it. Fortunately, I still get to play first part alto in our school's jazz ensemble, but for the next six months I will be playing a bari sax in symphonic band and I would just like some advice and answers to some questions:

How long do you think it will take me to learn? (The sax I will be playing on is in the shop for the next couple of weeks, so I will only get about two weeks to learn how to play and learn the parts before the first concert)

I currently play a 3.5 alto reed, and I am going to switch to a 4 reed soon, what size bari reed would you recommend for me?

Do you think that playing the bari will help me become better at my alto?

I would really appreciate your advice and answers to my questions, thanks!

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Dec 01, 2007
Re: alto to bari
by: Anonymous

I am a bari player never played a alto but playing the bari would let uyou play youre lower register notes with less of a problem and be able to learn how to play the bari well enough in those 2 weeks if you practiced enough i would suggest around a medium hard for a reed (or a 3)

Jun 06, 2009
bari sax
by: Anonymous

sounds like what i'm doing. except i chose the bari as my second instrument. i orginally play alto sax in in concert, marching, and jazz band, but I am currently learning the bari. well if your really good at the bari then use a 3.5 or even upgrade to a 4, but if your just learning use what i use, a 2.5. its not as thick and if your just learning then it will be much easier. good luck.

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