alto or tenor saxophone

by AlTo Or TeNoR????
(BeRwYn o ChIcAgO)

WHich one is better for a begginer, the alto or tenor?

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Oct 16, 2008
Alot or tenor?
by: Anonymous

I started on an alto saxophone, which I found was a good size to start on. You will need to consider your size and whether you think you would find a tenor saxophone a comfortable size to hold (although there is not a massive difference in size between them). The fingering on tenor and allot saxophone is quite similar, so once you had started it would not be particularly hard to transfer to the other. I would say, in the end it comes down to which tone you prefer. Try listening and comparing a few famous tenor and allot saxophonist and then maybe decide with you like more and base your decision upon that. I hope this was helpful! Enjoy playing the saxophone, whichever sort you decide to play- it’s a really great instrument!

Oct 30, 2008
It depends.
by: Morgan Wang

Obviously there are things you must consider when choosing. Alto is a good way to start off because it's probably the most basic saxophone. After a year of playing alto you should switch to the tenor. Starting on the tenor would be more difficult because the tenor takes more air. The tenor is also usually used for jazz music so that's another reason why it'd be difficult.

Jan 08, 2009
What is your personality?
by: Lindsay

I would say base your choice on your personality. Do you like to be the center of attention? Maybe you should go with the alto. Lots of solo opportunities and it's a much more "noticeable" instrument. (Just like how a trumpet is more broader than a flute).

The tenor sax gets a lot of attention too, but it has a much deeper tone that I associate it more with the band, not a stand alone instrument.

Both are wonderful to play.

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