The Alpine Saxophone

An alpine saxophone is an affordable student instrument. These saxophones are made from brass with post-to-rib construction. The finish that Alpine puts on their student horns is called "Super-poxy." This durable finish gives a long lasting shine regardless of years of playing. The student models also have tone holes that are precision drawn so that beginners will have smooth response and accurate notes from their saxophone. The beginner alto sax, the Alpine 711 can be purchased for around $500.

If you are interested in buying an Alpine saxophone, the positive qualities of the Alpine brand seem to be the good finish, solid keys that are made in the modern style, and solid construction. The down side seems to be the tone. The prices tend to be on the low side, so it is probably suitable for a young beginner. Young players need a durable horn like this that is not too hard to play.

Made in Taiwan, the Alpine saxophone is reported to have a "bright" sound. Sax players refer to the tone of a sax as "bright" when the higher elements are emphasized. This sound is preferred for jazz and pop playing. The opposite of a "bright" sound is a "dark" sound in which the lower tones are emphasized. The dark sound is preferred for classical playing. 

The shape of the mouthpiece can affect the brightness of the tone as can the quality and type of reed. Mouthpieces can be interchanged, so if you have an Alpine and would like to get a darker sound from it, you might try a mouthpiece designed for classical music.

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