4 Old Saxophones

by Rafael


I have 4 old saxophones and I'm try to find out a little more about those.

I've tried to do some research on it with no results.

I also have what looks to be the original mouth piece and case for almost each one of them that looks very old.

I was hoping you would know something about the instruments.

1. Silver sax. On the instrument it reads: J.T.L Hors Concours Paris 1878-1889-1900 Jerome, Thibouville-Lamy 10 Charterhouse St London, Made in Paris Class B
2. Silver sax, original case. On the instrument it reads: Made by C.G. Conn Ltd Elkhart Ind USA, PATD Dec 8 1914 III 9954 C M 141886 L
3. Gold sax. On the instrument it reads: G. Leblanc Paris France 1359
4. Gold sax. The Buescher Elkahrt Ind 217699 True tone Low pitch

I can provide photo's if needed.

Many thanks,

Best wishes.

@: ravvu@wp.pl

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Jan 27, 2010

Hello, I'd love to see their photos.


write me at:

You can see my museum at: www.myspace.com/SAXMUSEUM


Luciano Inguaggiato from Italy
DeLuxe Saxophone Museum

Dec 15, 2011
four old saxes
by: jerry

i have a cgconn ser. no. M146342 L. also has the 1119954 A no. it is a silver plate alto. i recently purchased it from an independant sax repaiman. he placed a value on it of $600.00 to $800.00. it is in nice condition with new pads and plays beautifully. it also bears the pat. date of dec. 8, 1914. there is very atractive tooling on the front. your conn with letters C M could mean C melody and the L may mean low pitch but i am guessing aboiut this. a C melody would probably have the extra dip in the neck that an alto does not have. the repair person also dated this horn as a 1926 yr. of man.

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