1932 Selmer Saxophone

by Shadowman

I found an old Selmer serial # 18637 I think this dates it as either a 1932 Cigar Cutter OR Balanced Action series. Under the serial # it says " Sole Agents, US and CA. New York Elkhart " It has the Selmer logo with the leaf design around it, under that it has the engraved signature " H Selmer " ( I think it is an H ) Under the signature it says " 4 Place Dancourt, Paris "
It has the original finish on it, with some wear and spotting, especially on the back of the tube, but the bell tube has pretty good finish on it. It has the original neck. Now, on the bell, it looks like it might have gotten cracked, because there is a patch on the top of the bell rim, but it is the same metal ( seems to be ) and blends well, not that noticeable. It has all new pads and good felt and cork.
Problem: first, the case has a strong mold smell which is somewhat on the horn, too. Any way to get rid of it on the horn? I can always buy a new case. Second, it seems to play just a little flat, especially in the lower register.
Any comments or ideas on this horn?

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Dec 08, 2009
Murray - About Cigar Cutter
by: Murray Middleman

Hi Shadow man ,
Are you selling this sax? Is this an Alto or a tenor ?
The Alto's are worthy more money . The CigarCutter is a jegendary Alto Sax made by Selmer . Yes they are made in Paris France , Place Dancourt , etc.
Anyway ,If you want to sell it, I can help you and advise you .
Anyway , I reccomend having a technician inspect the sax . If you plan to keep it , a pro teacher player like myself ,could advise you , once they have inspected the horn . (Ask a college Sax teacher or someone that plays professioanally to look over the Sax . If need be ,pay someone to Pro for his time , or buy him dinner etc, to play the horn . .
This is a very vintage sax , .Someone might pay you top dollar for it , maybe $3,000 or higher $$$???? for it .
Any questions call me Murray Middleman at
626-441-2716 or 626-818-2251 In Los Angeles .
Murray's E-mail gvt_ mm @sbcglobal.net
You say it plays flat .. You need to have a pro check tyhe sax out ...I do not know !!
A shop in Iowa call Tenor Madess (owner Randy Jones ) does excellent repair work 1-319-234-3561 www.tenor madness .com) Tell them Murray Middleman reffered you.
As far as the smell Get a different case , such as a Protech case ,.I have a blue Pro Tech case for my 1959 Mark VI tenor .They are very nice ,Moulded with Padding Thanks Murray
Good luck with that great Sax ...

Dec 08, 2009
Selmer Sax
by: Shadowman

Thanks for your comments! I do play, myself. The low D key leaks, that may be the problem...then again, it could just be me ( as far as it going flat ) lol
The action is very fast and smooth, nice to play.
It is a Tenor. I will take some pictures of it and post them on this forum. Upon checking on the serial number from Selmer, I find it is a 1934 Balanced Action. Not sure if I want to sell it...maybe. Perhaps you can give me an estimate of it's worth, after you see the pictures.
Thanks again!

Dec 08, 2009
Selmer model correction
by: Shadowman

A correction on the model. The serial number info shows the horn as a Cigar Cutter/Super Sax, around 1933. Tenor

Dec 12, 2009
Second serial number on horn.
by: Shadowman

Not sure this is a Cigar Cutter, may be a Super Sax,
or even before that. It does not have the actual cigar cutter type octave mech, it has the rocker type, although I know Selmer did change back to that style.
It has a leaf or feather pattern on the bell, also with a butterfly pattern. On the front of the bell tube there is a circular pattern of dots, but the design inside the circle is worn off. I wonder if it was refinished at some time, as the engraving is quite faded.
Now, there is a SECOND serial number ( 12606 ) under the low D key. Also, there is no finish on the entire bell tube, it has been polished or buffed off.
Any info on this horn?

Dec 16, 2009
Failed e-mail for Marray
by: Shadowman

I tried to send you pics ao the sax, but the e-mail address you gave me in your post, didnt work. If you don't post it again here, I will try calling you to get it.

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