1926 Martin Alto Sax

by Fred
(Vancouver,BC Canada)

I have a 1926 Martin Alto sax that was passed to me from my grandfather who bought it new. I still have the original 50 year guarantee that came with it and this instrument is in BEAUTIFUL condition. I have it put away, but if I recall, above the serial number is engraved "low pitch"

Would anyone have any idea what the value of this would be ?

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Jul 16, 2009
1926 saxaphone
by: Anonymous

Hey Fred, my name is Cameron and I have a 1926 Martin low pitch saxaphone. It was also passed down from my great garndfather to my grandpa and know to me. If you find out the value of your alto sax could you contact me at my email c.mich.garcia@gmail.com
thanks so much, Cameron.

Jan 18, 2012
works of art
by: Anonymous

The value of this sax in good condition is between $500.00 and $700.00 U.S. dollars in great condition. I also have one and they are quite cool. They are hand made, have soldered tone holes, have a great sound, play in tune, and the plating is beautiful compared to a laquered sax and it obviously lasts longer. I am going to sell mine because I was interested the the Conn alto with the microtuner neck. I purchased a 1921 New Wonder model for a very good price, put a new set of Roo flat resonator pads on it, adjusted a few keys, put a shine on it and now it is my go to alto. At first I was interested in the Selmer modele 26 alto because the engraving looks cool, but for the price they want, I started thinking that Selmer had just begun making saxophones in the mid 1920's and Conn and Martin had not only been around much longer and,at least Conn was in its hey day, but you can get 3 or 4 saxes to one for a better instrument in my opinion.

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