1914 Low Pitch Bruno Saxophone

by Sheila Martin
(Grants Pass, Oregon)

I have this saxaphone that was my great grandmother's and would like to find out as much about it as possible. It is silver in color, and has engravings that state, " Low Pitch" 101229 December 8, 1914
Perfection Bruno NY

Please let me know what all this means.


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Nov 14, 2009
Info on your sax
by: Anonymous

Perfection was a store brand sax built by the CONN corporation for the Bruno music store in NYC. 1914 is the patent date for the tone hole system, not the year of the horn. If the sax has pearls on the keys and a large thumb ring near the bottom on the back, it is post-1918. If it has a shelf-like curved thumbrest and no pearls (all metal keys), then it is likely 1917 or younger. Conn made saxes under many store brand names, and under their own secondary name (Pan American), as well as the Conn name. Some of the assembly details may be less exact than a real Conn model, but the body and bore design are the same. It should play very well with a new set of pads and a good adjustment by a tech.

Oct 17, 2014
1914 soprano sax
by: John Bender

I have a 1914 one piece curved soprano sax without the logo. The seller my friend told me it was a CONN even that there was no logo.

Here is what is stamped on the bottom back of the horn, PATD Dec 8 1914/ 1119954/ S / P2816/ C or G like.

Thank you for your time, john Bender

Jan 24, 2015
Update & Correction
by: Anonymous

Without pictures it's really difficult to confirm the manufacturer for this particular sax, however, the markings reported indicate a Buescher or its subsidiary Elkhart Band Instruments as being the the maker. The number 101229 would be about 1922 in the Buescher serial system. The 1920s seems to be when Bruno was very active as a reseller and stencilor of band instruments. it was active with Buescher/Rlkhart and Pan American during this time.

The serial number is too high to be of Pan American origin. The dating under Pan American would be 1950. Pan American was the CG Conn manufacturing subsidiary that made the stencils. Additionally Pan American listed the actual patent number for the Haynes tone hole, which the dec 8, 1914 refers. Additionally, Pan Americna used just the letter "L" to designate low pitch.

Jan 24, 2015
Soprano Sax - P2816
by: Anonymous

This is a model 46M Pan American soprano sax from 1920. The marking are typical for an early Pan American model. Pan American was incorporated in July 1919, with their factory oping in Novemebr of that year. The lowest sax serial number recorded to date is P1001.

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