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There's so much conflicting saxophone information on the Internet. It can get very frustrating. One website says one thing and another says something else. How do you know what is factual and what is simply wrong information?

I have been in your shoes, searching for information on the saxophone. I know too well how important it is for you to get nothing but the most accurate info on this instrument. 

So what have I done?

I have gone to great lengths to present you with nothing but the most precise saxophone information. You can rest assured that the articles on this website are dependable. 

I have studied and played this instrument for years. I have read the books and done the hard work required. I have visited the sites and blogs. I'm glad to present the knowledge I've gathered to you. In one place. 


All the facts you need are right here on All the questions you have are answered in one central location. 

What exactly are you searching for? Information on a specific kind or brand of saxophone? Want to find out what is the best one for you? Is this a quality saxophone? History? Best players? The list of questions goes on and on...

I know the frequently asked questions of players and enthusiasts and answer them throughout the many pages of this site. I also welcome your specific questions on the Q&A page.

You can refer to the navbar on the left. It lists every kind of sax ever made. There's valuable information on the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. You can read about less popular ones like the sopranissimo, sopranino, bass, contrabass and subcontrabass saxophones.

You can learn about the major brands and less established brands alike.

No matter what your situation is, I trust that you will benefit from the many articles on this site. 

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